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Plastic vs Clay Pots For Plants: Pros And Cons

Have you ever been told that your choice of planter box is all-important?

You might find yourself asking; why exactly is such a seemingly simple decision such a big deal? Does it really merit writing an article over? Well, yes! The reason for this is simple.

While a clay pot and plastic planter boxes might appear to perform the exact same tasks and functions on the surface, how they achieve this feat and the manner in which the result presents itself will often vary considerably. So, in order to see to it that you do not come up short, you need to know just what it is you are to expect from which ever decision that it is you end up making.

As the age old saying reads, “Knowledge is power.”

As such, when you have a comprehensive understanding of what these two very different resources have to offer, you will find it a lot easier, not to mention much more comfortable to make the best decision for yourself and your immediate environment.

Moving forward, here is all you need to know about the unique features of these two types of planter boxes. We will be highlighting what these two resources have to give you purely in terms of the various features that you should expect a planter box to afford you. So, without saying much more, here goes!

In Terms of Control

When it comes to the level of control that you have over these planter boxes, you should be aware of a few things first. The first and perhaps most important detail to keep in mind is that with a plastic pot, you have more latitude.

The reason for this is quite simple. Due to the simple fact that planter boxes are lighter, it is easier and more convenient to move them around as your needs may demand.

In Terms of Plant Growth

In this area, the results that you get with both these resources is very standard and as such, is directly tied to the level of effort that you put into caring for the plants in the boxes. However, plastic planter boxes take the cake here because they make it easier to expose your plants to the right components.

When you are able to easily control the amount of shade, sunlight and moisture that your plant has access to, it is considerably easier to see why you are more likely to get significantly better results with your plants here than with any other option.

In Conclusion

While things are definitely not breaking the way of clay or terracotta pots, you should know that plastic pots just have a lot more to offer is all.

To find out more on what you stand to get when you invest in plastic pots, simply follow this link to get exposed to more detailed information that will further assist with your decision making process.

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