Om Nom Run: Tips & Secrets for New Players

There’s nothing quite like getting home after a busy day at work and curling up with your favorite mobile fun game. No matter how old you are, there’s still a place for resting and having a fun and entertaining time with any game you find yourself partial to.

As tech continues to progress, it comes as very little surprise that the creativity and thrill that games can offer you have significantly increased as well. However, games have progress to a point where it has now become a truly rare sight for you to spot a game with graphics, settings or features that are capable of blowing you straight out of the way. Very much like the old saying goes, “There is nothing new, except for someone new.”

That said, it doesn’t translate to mean that there aren’t still a few games out there that can accurately satisfy your shock factor. In truth, much of the premise for a lot of these games can be considered to be recycled, but even at that, there are great developers who have perfected the art of putting a new spin to even the oldest tales.

A classic example in this area would be the developers who have identified themselves as Cutting the Rope. They have had a number of successful hits but haven’t let that quench their desire to deliver nothing short of the best to their fans. Which is why a little over a year ago, they released a spin-off called Om Nom Run. Now, we will be discussing at length what the Om Nom Run game is and how you can play and win with an economy of effort.

Om Nom Run – What it is

If you’re expecting the premise of this game to be different, you might be a bit disappointed. If we opt to cut the game to its barest basics, we can describe it a typical endless running game. However, Cutting the Rope set this game apart even in this era with the unique spin that they put to Om Nom games.

Unlike with many of the games in this heavily saturated niche, it goes much further than just swiping left and right. To start with, you have the opportunity to unlock various locations and characters! What’s more, you also have the option of boosting the specs of your characters! But how do you do this without stress?

We’ll be teaching you that in detail now!

How to Unlock New Locations

There are 8 locations you have access to in this game. As a star-based game, you can only progress to the next round if you have at least a star from each stage you play. So, to unlock as many locations as possible, simply shoot for one star. That’s all!

How to Unlock Characters

This game basically revolves around coins. The more coins you can gather or buy; the better. It should be noted that once you opt to get the premium subscription, you are granted free access to use all the characters you want!

And with this, you’re more than ready to take on Om Nom Run!

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