How To Go on a Social Media Detox

The sole aim of social media platforms was to create a space where people could break the barriers of distance and connect more intimately with each other. Yet, multiple studies have shown that even the best social media platforms only manage to successfully achieve this aim up to a point before they become counterproductive and start to negatively affect users.

If you have noticed that the more you use social media tools, the more unhappy you become, you should know now that you are not alone and many people all over the world are feeling the same things that you are right now.

While social media is definitely an awesome tool, more and more, it is becoming difficult (if not downright impossible) to separate the bad from the good that it does. As such, performing simple activities like a social media detox can prove very helpful for you.

Reasons to Perform a Social Media Detox

  • It can be a critical tool for helping you have more free time as you won’t be tied up going through the unnecessary motions of navigating various social media platforms.
  • You many discover that you are more content. This is because the distractions that you often encounter on social media can make you lose your bearing.
  • It gives you much more privacy and puts you at less risk.
  • It offers you a fresh, clean slate on which you can easily and better reconnect with the world around you.
  • It removes the need for you to seek validation in a negative space.

How to Detox

  • Identify and avoid your triggers.
  • Don’t underestimate the weight of the task at hand.
  • Delete the apps in question.
  • Find a more productive use for your time.
  • Monitor how you progress here.

For more helpful tips on how to perform your social media detox, leave us a comment down below!

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