Windows up for the Game, Installs new mod in Store

The Windows Store suffered from a major setback for decades. From the poor graphical user interface down to glitches on game upgrades, the platform is entirely a mess. But good news, these are just the things in the past. The Microsoft pledged a total revamp for its gaming arm this year. There are lots of configurations that you will surely enjoy, especially if you are a gamer.

According to Pycorax, a reddit guy, he discovered a new ‘odd’ folder under the Window’s Program Files registry. The new folder was named ‘ModdableWindowsApps.’ 

Based on the reports of different tech websites, the said new folder is an update of Window’s capability to run games. The ‘ModdableWindowsApps’ is mainly used to modify game settings, including the installation of’ mods.’

In computer lingo, the term mod pertains to the capability to configure and customize the entire game settings.  This may include upgrading the characters’ skills, creating new objects in a game, and setting up game level. Mod also allows the gamer to build a unique and stand-alone game mode in a particular platform or game engine.

But Microsoft reiterated that this new registry is only capable of manipulating certain games only. They are still working on to expand this mod so that it will be run in other games.

But despite the limited games, a lot of people shared their positive reviews online. They are very happy that at last, Windows has made a significant leap in the gaming side.

Meanwhile, some people already predicted this move by Microsoft. In fact, Phil Spencer, Gaming at Microsoft vice-president, said that in 2019, gamers would see the fruit of their hard labor. He said that the company has been draining talents and investing much just to meet the demands of the clients worldwide. He said that the ‘ModdableWindowsApps’ tweak is just the beginning!

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