Is Artificial Intelligence Effective In Scouting Out Discrimination?

Discrimination is a societal problem that even with the recent awareness of today’s generation, is still very common. It is as old as the civilizations of man and it has persisted up to this day.

Discrimination exhumes from very sensitive motifs such as someone’s gender identity, their, and their ancestry. It stems out from the belief that one’s faction is better than the rest and this usually leads to prejudice.

Precluding the maltreatment of a person based on the above-mentioned motifs is now the main goal of society; that is to achieve equality and equity with respect to how we address people belonging to different factions.

Since technology plays a huge role in the occurrence of discrimination, particularly in social media platforms, different methods are being created to combat it. Currently, researchers from Columbia and Penn State University are programming an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that has the capability to identify the manifestations of discrimination

This AI tool may sooner help prevent injustices due to discrimination in workplaces and schools. 

How does this new AI tool work?

Artificial intelligence works based on cause and effect relationship, that is, an event happening will likely lead to the occurrence of another. 

According to Aria Khademi, an IT graduate of Penn State University, the AI tool code will help answer questions such as whether there is existing gender-based discrimination in salaries by reframing it into a cause and effect sentence like “Would a man be paid less if he was a woman?”.

He further explained that these questions are difficult to answer, and so they’ve added more complex algorithms to arrive at the most educated guesses. These hypotheses will then serve as the answer with the highest probability.

To prevent discrimination one must first acknowledge that such an event exists and this artificial intelligence is a tool that shows potential in detecting the actuality of such injustices.

Different research teams strive to develop an AI tool that will break the hindrance to equality and rid the systems of this maltreatment.

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